Meeting the funeral director

There is usually some time between making the initial funeral arrangements, and the time of the actual service. The length of time will depend on your instructions and cultural requirements, and the circumstances of the death. There is no need to feel rushed.

Meeting the Funeral Director

Allow 1-2 hours for the first meeting, to get the funeral arrangements started. Not all decisions need to be made in this meeting, though there are some details that need to be agreed.

  • The day, time and place for the service. This helps family and friends to be able to plan their time if they need to travel or take time off work.

  • What you would like for the service itself - who will lead the service, and options like music, flowers, newspaper/internet notices, catering, webcasting, videos and anything else you would like to do to personalise the funeral.

  • All documentation requiring completion, including the death registration.

  • The costs and payment options will be explained by your funeral director and you will be provided with a fully itemised estimate of the fees.

  • Your funeral director liaises with all service suppliers for you – you do not need to make contact yourself. This includes contacting the crematorium or cemetery and booking their facilities. They will provide you with a copy of the funeral arrangements so you both know what was agreed.

What to bring with you when you meet your funeral director

  • Supportive family or friend.

  • Information for Death Certificate. See what needs to be included here.

  • Clothes for the deceased to be dressed in, including perfume and make up if you wish.

  • A current photo is also helpful to assist with their presentation.

  • Prepaid funeral plan documents, if any.

  • Burial site reservation, if any.

  • A list of any questions you may have.


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